About The MediStamp™ 25

The MediStamp™ 25 uses 80 titanium microneedles that are 0.25mm long – barely visible to the naked eye.  These microneedles create microscopic channels in the surface of the skin, allowing The Treatment Serum to absorb up to 340% more than without the microchannels.

In addition, these microneedles are clinically proven to be just as effective or more effective than longer needles for triggering the body's natural healing response.

Each MediStamp™ may be used up to and not more than 20 times.  This is to ensure the microneedles remain sharp, creating the cleanest microchannels possible.

Ingredient list

Titanium micro needles

How to use

Disinfect The MediStamp 25 by firmly pressing a freshly-opened Disinfecting Pad on the MediStamp surface. Hold for 5 seconds, then allow the MediStamp surface to air dry.

Holding the MediStamp perpendicular to the skin, press the stamp surface directly onto skin and lift away. Stamp with gentle but firm pressure, placing even pressure on all 4 corners of the MediStamp surface. Stamp in an even pattern so that all desired areas receive the MediStamping treatment.

For optimal results, rotate the stamp head to create a random orientation of needles while adding a second or third layer of stamping to each desired area. You may choose to make more passes over specific areas of your face, like the crow’s feet, forehead, cheeks or chin. Do not stamp the inner soft tissue of the lips or the eyelid skin. After use of the MediStamp, please replace the protective cap.

For best results, perform the MediStamping Treatment every third day, with each procedure separated by two Non-Treatment days. You may also wish to adjust the frequency based on skin sensitivity and personal preference. For example, if you prefer to Medistamp on the same two days of the week (rather than every third day), simply make sure that each treatment is separated by a minimum of two days (such as Sunday and Wednesday). Please note: After a MediStamping treatment followed by The Treatment Serum, your skin may feel a tightening sensation. This is normal.


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